It's time to close the chapter of this book, blow the flame from the candle.


The final curtain closes, never to be opened again, the last unfinished chapter of that book I never finished....
The last folding of the old and ancient map.
Blowing out the very last candle that will ever be lite.

Of course,
What I'm writing about is the closing of the mywapblog blogging platform, a platform that I have lived within for many years, I've been writing and blogging on here for about 5 years or so.
Sharing my thoughts and opinions on a varied range of matters and subjects, some personal and some in the public realm.
I used to share a plethora of photos, some I had taken with my camera and some I made myself on my device, I used to get over 650+ visitors a day but that was before I had other duties and responsibilities that daily life throws at people.
I slowed down my time posting on the mywapblog blogging arena, that of course had a detriment on posting fresher material on here, hence now I'm lucky to get 25+ visitors a day.

But as I've been informed 'like everyone on mywapblog' that the last day of life for the mywapblog platform will be 15th November.
So, heavy in heart and soul, I've decided to post my final post today, I won't be posting on the blog again.
I've come to think of this web address as an extension of my own persona', I know it's just another website address but I've grown accustomed to regard the 'Biocell565' name as my virtual home, peaceful, comfortable, a quite place of contemplating my thoughts.
I never thought that the virtual light of the platform would be switched off so soon, especially because of the 8th anniversary of mywapblog being celebrated just a month or so ago!

It's just blog and there are many more out there to choose from but for me mywapblog wasn't just another blog, it was more.... I was using and sharing my thoughts and experiences through out the good times and bad times within my own life.
I have a tremendous amount of sentimental feelings within some of my own posts, many instance's that had a great impact upon my soul.

On finishing this final post, I would just like to thank everyone whom I've come to know and a few of those great people I will always regard as friends and colleagues.
My special thanks to Arvind and all those whom have worked within the mywapblog technical support team.

As I pull the cord on the final curtain and watch the darkness fall, it's with a great deal of sentimental sadness & feeling that I now sign off.... I've never been a person to stay around until the end.

Thank you all again and best wishes for the future.


-End Of Line-

Is it possible to send a message to the human brain through WiFi?

It sounds like a question from a science fiction novel.
Is it possible to send a message through the airwaves of wifi directly to the human brain?
I've always thought that as coding within technology evolves through the years, someone, somewhere, will invoke a new binaural code, a code written and designed to synchronize with the brains megahertz organic pattern.
I've never been a person who believes in the supernatural, ghosts,spirits or indeed demons for that matter but I have always had a great interest in how different codes work within a certain environment. I've got one bookshelf full of coding theories and they range from coding the ZX spectrum to the more up to date Microsoft Windows systems. 
Is it really possible to send a message to the human brain via wifi? Or has it been made into a reality and we can really transmit thought into the human mind via the same brain wave pattern of that person. 
 There will be those of you whom are reading this post, thinking about this theory maybe, who knows!
Of course, I've read lots of scientific website's and all of them say there is zero danger to your health being next to or near a wifi access point, I also read that using the millions of wifi hotspot locations are perfectly fine as well!
I suppose......
My opinion in more based on the conspiracy theories of sudden personality disorder syndrome, I've always wondered why perfectly normal and level headed people suddenly go against there own better judgment, some people do insanely stupid things, things that are totally alien to there personalities.
The other thing I was thinking about the other day was......
Is there a logical explanation why people suddenly suffer memory loss for a short period of time!
How many of us have had that sudden thought of going into the kitchen and seeing what we fancy to eat, maybe preferring a particular brand of food or coffee?
And how many people are relaxing at home or elsewhere, then all of a sudden something starts in our minds that wasn't there before.
We've all done it at some stage in our daily lives, your sitting down then suddenly you get up and walk a few steps and then realise (what the hell was it I was going to do)?..

Yes! Imagine subliminally sending a well written coded message through wifi into the organic mind of a person, there's not much difference between the gigahertz of the wifi signal and the gigahertz of the electrical impulses of the human brain!
Of course, the natural response to a migraine or headache is to reach for the painkillers box but as most people have two our three different brands of headache tablets in the box, which one would work the best (brand names).

This post today is of course not to be taken to seriously!
I just thought to write about the invisible code that surrounds us all, code that we never even realise might have an impact in our judgment within the daily routines of our lives.
I'm running a test on a different writing application that's all.
It's 552 words and 3122 characters long.
It should take you 2 minutes & 12 seconds, to read the entire post today.
Thanks For Reading.

Could we cope with a Revolution?


I really need to change my topic of interest to a more sedate and less technical topic of interest, maybe something along the lines of fictionalised characters or even maybe topographic survey map reading!

As the human race has evolved so has there understanding of longevity, the worlds population is ever reaching to that holy grail of trying to extended ones life to basically live forever.
People have always had that built-in self awareness of survival, its a unique quality that's built inside our minds, helps us to basically try and avoid potential harm.

Imagine what it would be like for a machine to have a built-in pre-programmed concept of its own digitised view of self awareness!
It would dutifully carry out what it was programmed to do, totally aware of its own value to survive, carrying out its programmed task (what ever that may be).
Avoiding potential harm to its own personal survival (exactly the same unique qualities as the people around it).

But of course,
They have been programmed by people, humans beings that have in structured it what task it will dutifully perform, programmed it to be aware of its own personal performance and not to behave in anyway that will damage itself whilst carrying out the aforementioned task.
So it carries out that task perfectly time and time again, repeating the task for as long as its been programmed too.
And as its repeating and mirroring what that particular task is, learning better and faster ways of carrying out that task, it will teach itself a more stronger digitised self awareness.

We've all seen factories with nothing but machines working inside it, twisting and turning to a preprogrammed beat, all moving in harmony, totally perfect synchronous movement with no signs of human presence to be seen.
Of course, these mechanical wonders are starting to look more robot like, ever more efficient than its counterpart (that's people) by the way.
Many are in a fixed position, never to move from that position.
Along comes a higher technology and now these new mechanism's have tracks to move forwards and backwards, even shunting from left to right, the new machines are now free to roam the factory floor, being ever more productive.

And so, as medical technology move's forward and the worlds population are living longer we will have more reliance upon mechanical technology to sustain our own self preservation for survival and so on.
We as the human race have programmed ourselves for a more protected world with the use of machines as our servants.
As history dictates (from past events in time) evolution and rebellion, along with mutiny & revolution will only be a matter of time.

Computers, along with mechanical machinery have always had a better understanding of self preservation because they've never cared about percentages of money, unlike the population there being programmed to serve.

(How would the world's population cope if the whole internet was shut down globally)?
We've built a house of straw!

Thanks For Reading.

SmS...'Short Message Service'.


Remember the text message era?
Well, i certainly do and in fact i still use SmS (short messaging service)!
I'm never going to be a person that technology will drag into the modern age, SmS is easy and understandable to a middle aged person as myself.
And the major benefit with still using the short messaging service is that you never have to find wifi or internet connection (thats a bonus!), because i'm not an internet guru or internet seeker.

This (always connected) world that everyone lives in now is just total overkill in my eyes, why do people need to be in constant connection with the internet?
Saying that i dont do the social network routine or even the playing online crap, that happen these days!

There's one observation i've noticed with SmS and thats (by definition) a short message service.
There's not many things in the mobile communication world that really irritate me, except people who send me a message through the SmS thats as long as reading a chapter in a book!
And i mean a (long message), biblicaly long, it sometimes feels as though i'm reading a passage from war & peace!

The words (keep it short and to the point) sometimes seem to be lost in a world of giberish words on my mobile screen.
Now i'm not saying i don't appreciate the occasional text message from (people i know in person) but when the text messages are so long and so frequent that even my own mobile has no more storage space left, well, its time to start deleting the longer messages.
And (in a well mannered and polite manner) tell that person to keep them short (or i will just delete them!)

Many people will read this post, most of you who do, i won't even know BUT this post is directed at (just one person), a nice person, a person whom (knows why i have posted this).

Thanks for reading.
(keep SmS messages short & to the point of the message).
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