The Antiquities of a Bell

I had just left work (it was a busy day) I will never forget that but thankfully the working day was at an end. I felt very tired during the later part of the afternoon because of all the lecturing I had done that week but at last it was time to go home and relax, i have been a... [Read More]

1000 words, Tribute to a Rescue Dog.

Sparky" (that was his name) I remember now, he was a dog of many talents and his loyalty was without question the best a man could wish for. He was of various mixed breeds (I am still not sure how many different breeds he was) to be honest but a loyal and loving dog he was, he would follow me around... [Read More]

A Belated Happy New Year.

Forgot to wish everyone a happy new year...... I know its been a while since I updated anything on this blog that's because of working commitments and spending an insane amount of time twittering...! (Yes, it can get very addictive) that's for sure.. Its a bit sad to see that a few people that I am following on here (the MWB) have... [Read More]

I was from the Hippie Generation.

ThumbnailIt was a dark tuesday afternoon (i remember that well) but i'm not sure what the exact date was, it was way back in the 1960's then because there were people still wearing flared trousers and rather colourful shirts at that time and the women wore shirts that left nothing to the imagination, this was known as the flower-power generation. Nearly... [Read More]

John Tytor & the IBM Computer.

ThumbnailSpending hours and hours endlessly searching for photographs and information about 'time re-adjustment' thats 'time-travel' for people who are reading this.. I have always had a facination for this kind of technology, being able to travel-back to any point in time, looking around as a bystander in a perticular time in history, being able to blend in to virtualy any crowd... [Read More]

Re-tweeting the re-tweets (day 31).

ThumbnailMissed blogging on this blog because of spending time on twitter so it's nice to be here again, the good old dependable MyWapBlogging platform. Anyhow, I decided to stay on the twitter platform for 'at least a month' because i was querious' as to what kinds of tweet's people were tweeting about these days. Some of the tweets were pretty good and informative... [Read More]

Social Twittering..

ThumbnailFound my password for my twitter account (it's been around a year or so since i tweeted anything) so i was optermistic and eager to find out how things had changed on twitter. I can't remember much about my old-twitterings that i tweeted over a year ago so i was interested as to what i twittered back then, what i realised... [Read More]
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