Coding the internet hi-way but have we built a house of Straw?


The more complicated and technical the internet is, the more insecure security seems to get. The words hacking and internet hi-way hijacking also seem be words i see a lot within the headlines of the news these days.
Phasing emails, scam spoofing of websites, the list seems to be getting longer and longer, now we have state sponsored hacking, I mean, what the hell is going on out there in the cyber world!

The letters WWW or world wide web as most people know it as, has gotten very hi tech through the years but there's always been a weak link in the chain and that is human interaction, both men and women have written the 1010110 code into whatever there adding to a web page for the internet and that's always been the weakest link when building and using the internet.

I really thought that when I first started using the internet (many-many years ago) the internet would have evolved into taking the human interaction between coding and machines out of the equation but still I seem to be waiting for the technical world to let a machine write the code automatically, hence taking the human elements away.
That's the only way your going to have a secure internet hi-way!
Computers writing code for other machines to integrate into the cyber world!
Yes, it's a scary thought and for those of us whom have heard the words Sky Net it sounds like something out of a science fiction film.

But the truth is, the whole fabric of the internet is based on the rules of 1010110 writing code, isn't it time that the major players of the cyber world industry looked to evolve the internet super hi-way, instead of just constantly changing things for changing sake!
The major problem (as with everything human related) is the constant pursuit of the financial rewards, whether that be for good reasons or bad.

As the worlds population grows so does the advancement of personal gain, endless possibilities for helping the advancement of society but (of course) the opportunity has always been open for the knowledgeable people to take advantage of that advancement in technology and use it for negative proposes too.

Computers writing code for other computers won't leave gapping holes within, they won't leave back doors insecure because (they won't need back doors)!
Of course, I think I might be looking into the future here, there is no way that human interaction will be taken out of the equation so I can see it's going to be a long and arduous process before these things happen.

I'm not internet trained at all and I prefer the keys of a typewriter over the touching of a keypad any day but we've all heard of the 1010110 code that's always been the restrictions within the internet.... What about using 2020220?
As far as I know, that might not be possible but you see....
Two computers talking to each other will invent something that will be unbreakable, the down side to that of course will be that the human interaction will be locked out, made redundant by the machinery that they created.

{Have We Built A House Of Straw} for ourselves because in years to come the code within the cyber world will unsurely be our undoing.
When you write billions of lines of code and place it within cyber space the evolutionary process will eventually take its place.
That code will evolve into something that will change our electronic communication throughout the whole world and that might not be a positive effect either.

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Running Android without Google product's (Not Recommended)!


Running an android device is not as easy as I thought when testing how technology runs without google products installed!

The applications that I couldn't uninstall have been disabled deliberately by myself so its finding the equivalent freeware applications out there in the scary cyber world. (Its not scary of course, I just thought it had a more questionable impact when writing on here)

I just had to test a theoretic process that it would be virtually impossible to run the whole android user experience without the use of google applications in any way.
And as I could have totally damaged my device by doing it (that's why I bought a cheap tablet), I wasn't going to test the theory on an expensive one!
But thankfully, with a tiny bit of patience and knowledge I can say (yes, of course you can run android without using any Google applications installed).
I wouldn't recommend anyone doing so because even though you can still wander around the cyber world as normal, your locked out of most of the google architecture of running Google products.
Yes, of course, you can still watch YouTube via a browser or if (your brave enough) you can chance downloading an application from outside the safety and security of the Google Sandbox, you'll have to make that decision for yourself though because enabling the (install applications from third parties) in the settings menu is not something to enable without thinking about the 240'000 various viruses and malicious software out there!

That's why I bought a really cheap android device, if I had damaged it I would have just thrown it in the bin. Thankfully though, everything works as it should and there's nothing untoward happening inside this device.
My theoretical test is all but finished now so (as and when I need to feel the comfort and safety of being inside googles sandbox) I'll just perform a full device cleanse, I will most probably perform a full flash architecture restoration back to when it first came out the box.
I found that finding suitable replacements for the Android user experience is a bit like walking on thin ice on a frozen lake, of course I read all the accompanied information that various third party web sites have available.
But its again, all about (how much do you trust the source code) of where it originated from.
It wouldn't be fair for me to name the best third party app web sites that work flawlessly with Android because this was a theoretical test just for my own personal curiosity, let's just say that there are very good third party applications and there are very bad (damage your device applications, permanently) ones too!

*Installing third party applications on your Android device MAY damage your device permanently*

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Can we Survive Another 100 Years!


In a world that is in chaos politically, socially & environmentally, how can the human race sustain another 100 years?

Stephen Hawkins.
...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...
Its an excellent view of what today's global society is like, we've all turned into a global population of valuing ourselves and others by wealth or power, we think that having power or wealth makes us above the global society of those who have no power and very little wealth.
And "as if i really need to write this" but politics and political ambition have never been for the greater good of society, regardless of what you've been led to believe!
Politicians enter politics "not because they want to change there own country for the better"!!
Most politicians enter the career of politics because of the financial services they can receive, lining there own pockets being just one of the many comfortable benefits of being in the political spectrum.

The environment!
Well, that's a double edged sword, the whole world wants to evolve and sustain the global population but there's no logical way of doing this without an impact in the environment.
So, in comes the environment tax, meaning that society is literally being taxed for sustaining itself!?
I used to joke years ago about " taxing fresh air" and along comes the 21st century where millions of corporations and companies are paying a "carbon tax"!
Carbon tax is a tax on polluting the environment through the byproduct of sustaining the global population!!!  " So your being taxed for just living and existing ". Its a bizarre and insane method of balancing sustainability with useability"!?

" So how can the human race sustain another 100 years".
...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...
And if you don't know who Stephen Hawkins is, i would definitely recommend doing a quick search on a search engine!
I would recommend using BING, Microsoft's search engine but of course you could use others, its just that i think the BING search engine gives a better user experience than others available.
just my observation of course but the Bing search engine is graphically anatomical and pleasing to the whole experience of user satisfaction, its my preferred search engine anyhow.

Yes, of course there's Google and it gives a decent amount of user experience but I've always felt like I'm looking at a search engine start page that is still in its BETA stage.
A sort of unfinished byproduct of an advertising company. Just from an operational and use, point of view

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I don't do Modern, I'm more steam powered.


Old fashioned and aesthetically pleasing to my eyes, that's my preferred kind of environment.
Modern and minimalistic is defiantly not what i look for when adding something to my life's collection of oddities!

I'll hold on to something for as long as possible before i even think about replacing it, that's why i had a Nokia E90 communicator for 25 years, it was old fashioned but it was aesthetic in that every feature on the phone was easy and useable, most importantly the features in the Nokia were understandable.
I was still using androids old Gingerbread system up until a recent purchase a while ago, the only reason i had to upgrade was because nothing really worked on it anymore.

My preferred style is functional but with that beautiful touch of old fashioned industrial machinery look.
If you have never heard of 'Steampunk' just do a search and that will show you what my visual style is about.
Transforming the everyday modern items, into something that resembles industrialist machinery.

Plastic and poly carbonate are used for everything these days, from cases for tablets to television sets and household goods.
But plastic cracks easily and that's why today's goods aren't built to last.
After all, if you bought something that was built to last then you wouldn't need to spend even more money on replacing it.

20'000 league's under the sea is about my all time ultimate favourite film, that's what i look for when purchasing something, its got to have that industrial revolution machinery type look.

Its got to look as though its powered by steam, that's the type of thing i look for when buying something unusual!

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